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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.
   Simone Weil


Are you hungry to nourish your spirit? Starting in June 2024, I will be offering nine months of free spiritual direction as part of my training in the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s Kol Dodi Program.


Spiritual direction is the practice of guiding the attention again and again to the sacred in one’s life. In Spiritual Direction we explore how the inner life is unfolding in relationship to the divine – whatever that means to you. We meet monthly (zoom, phone or in person in Daly City), in a safe and confidential space.


In Spiritual Direction we do not seek to solve, fix or manage the struggles that arise in our lives. Rather, we abide in humility and curiosity as we explore life’s essential questions. The practice of spiritual direction allows us to get in touch with our inner wisdom and live a life in alignment with our deepest values.


As a chaplain with over a decade of experience in hospice and end-of-life care, I bring a compassionate, non-judgmental presence to the people that I serve. As a member of the Kol Dodi cohort, I am mentored and guided by Rabbis Myriam Klotz, Elisa Goldberg and Nicole Auerbach. There’s no cost to this offering. People of all faiths, no faith, agnostics and atheists welcome. If you’re interested or curious, contact me!

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